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(Sep 25, 2011)
I do!
(Sep 18, 2011)
(Sep 11, 2011)
Sooooo Does anyone still play anymore? :p
(Aug 24, 2011)
I love and miss you all. Thank you for so many great memories. You all were so kind and I will never forget that. Bai bai ~Saiya
(Jun 15, 2011)
Yah...Lmfao, Ele...that is what I meant to say.
(Jun 15, 2011)
(Jun 15, 2011)
In other words...a new life...or "a life you have gotten"
(Jun 14, 2011)
I watched that movie a few months ago Mike, out of boredom. I promptly sent Mr. Hanks a letter demanding a public apology that I personally feel is nearly 30 years overdue.
(Jun 10, 2011)
well, I've been raiding a new job, a new car, and a new condo... whew.
(Jun 06, 2011)
unless he meant a real life raid...ever see the Tom Hanks movie Mazes and Monsters?
(Jun 06, 2011)
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(Jun 06, 2011)
(Jun 06, 2011)
(Jun 06, 2011)
(Jun 06, 2011)
(Jun 05, 2011)
Someone's raiding?
(Jun 03, 2011)
Glad you guys are raiding again.
(Jun 01, 2011)
nothing like rolling outta bed for a raid... I must insist that ennie uses a webcame, and maintains the "rumpled" look... its hawt... I've heard.
(May 31, 2011)
12 hours, so morning here. It's okay though, most of our classes are in the afternoon/evening.